Week-day classes to woo you into cooking and eating fabulous food.

The classes are on Thursdays 11am to 2pm including lunch and drinks.

Ottolenghi Simple, 30 April, $99

Want another fabulous thing to do in autumn? Forage for wild mushrooms!

We in Canberra are so lucky to be surrounded by forests filled most autumns with an abundance of mushrooms, many of them edible. Want to know where to go and what to pick?

Foodish has teamed up with FungiCo to lead you on two different types of mushroom foraging adventures. The first is all about collecting edible mushrooms in pine forests. In these forays you learn about mushrooms and how to identify edible mushrooms, develop foraging techniques, and gather an abundance of delicious edible mushrooms (weather permitting) to take home.

The second is about mushroom diversity in native Australian forests. Wander the forest with FungiCo and learn about mushroom species, mushroom habitats, and advanced forms of mushroom identification. If you have already done an edible forage, this foray will extend your knowledge of the world of mushrooms considerably.     

Both forages conclude with a campfire and mushroomy lunch. You'll be given directions on where our rendez-vous point is before the forage. Wear warm clothes and sturdy boots and bring a small, sharp knife. For the edible mushroom forages, bring a large carry bag or wicker basket to collect your mushrooms in.

Edible mushroom forage: 

  • Rendez-vous 10.30 am
  • Forage 11-12.30 pm
  • Lunch (with wine and warm drinks) 12.30-1.30 pm.
  • Sunday 19 April & 3 May. Cost $80

Advanced forage in native forests:

  • Rendez-vous 10.30 am
  • Forage 11am-1pm
  • Lunch with wine and warm drinks 1-2pm

Sunday 26 April. Cost $90