Introducing an informative spice appreciation class with Ian Herbie & Liz Hemphill of Herbie’s Spices.

Spices are quite literally On Trend as never before. We see spices in the majority of restaurant and café menus, the amazing colours and textures of spices feature in food magazines, and even restaurants and boutique food outlets call themselves by spice names to reinforce their foodie credentials.

Nonetheless, mystery has surrounded spices, their origins and uses for thousands of years. However, how much do you really know about these wonders of nature, and the best ways to buy, store and use them in everyday meals?

In this Spice Appreciation class, Ian “Herbie” Hemphill, author of the award winning Spice & Herb Bible, will take you on a magical mystery tour of the world of spices, while Liz prepares delectable tastings. Herbie will navigate through the exotic waters of the history of the spice trade. You will learn about many different spices, their origins, and how they are processed and traded. Most importantly, Herbie will de-mystify their flavours so you will feel comfortable using them in everyday cooking.

Sunday 30 June, 11am-1pm. $110 including light lunch and wine.

These classes are for those who want to spend more time, usually around 5 hours, focussing on a specific skill that generally involves more technique than what is required in our other classes.

They are run by expert chefs in their field. The first of these classes will be making the ever impressive croquembouche.

Creating Croquembouche (hands-on) Masterclass, 23 June, 11-5.30, including a light lunch. $130.

We've had lots of requests for cooking classes that teach essential culinary skills, from knife sharpening and chopping, through to making stocks and sauces, portioning and filetting meat and fish, knowing the right cooking techniques to use for different produce, and, in general, learning proficiency in the kitchen.  

Well here it is!

In each class you will develop your skills in cooking techniques, learn the principles of cooking a variety of styes of food, learn vital information about the produce that you are using, and cook wonderful dishes from around the world and at home.

In the process you will chop, sautée, roast, blanche, whisk, deglaze, knead, and do just about everything else you need to become a confident cook.

This four-class series is on Wednesdays, beginning on 12 June and concluding on 3 July, 6.30-8.30 pm.

The series is $360.

The classes include antipasto and drinks on arrival, dinner (the dishes you have cooked), and take-home lesson instructions and recipes. 

If you can't make the whole series, you have the option of booking into single classes. We recommend a minimum of three classes to ensure a good exposure to the range of cooking methods and techniques. Individual classes are $99.


Put some pizazz into your weekends by cooking exciting dishes with excitable foodies!

Cook up a storm, learn new techniques, meet great people, and enjoy the Foodish vibe.

Spanish Tapas & Sangria, Sunday 9 June 

Winter Thai, Sunday 16 June

Woodfired Pizza Making with Alex the Pizza Guy, Saturday 24 August 

Each class is 2-5 pm (EXCEPT the pizza making class which is 11:30-2:30pm). Cost $110, including wine, antipasto on arrival and a very delicious early meal.

This year Foodish is once again a proud member of the Canberra Region Truffle Festival.

The Festival provides lots of opportunities to taste truffles. At Foodish we teach you how to cook with them!  

Truffle Magic is a hands-on class on how to incorporate truffles in your cooking in a way that showcases their exquisite flavour. Truffles are expensive so learning how to get the most out of them is essential.  

In the class you use the freshest truffle sourced from Blue Frog Truffles in Sutton. You can even take part in a hunt at Blue Frog Truffles in the morning and come to the cooking class for lunch!

We begin with a sublime truffle soufflé, followed by Beef Wellington with port and madiera jus, truffled gratin dauphinoise potatoes and seasonal vegetables, and conclude with truffle ice-cream and a decadent chocolate chestnut roulade.

At the end of your hands-on class you sit down to dine on the three courses you have created accompanied, if you wish, by paired wines.

Sunday 7 July and 4 & 11 August, 12.30-4.30pm. $140 with paired wines; $120 without.

Want to make your own sourdough bread at home? in this three-part workshop, chef and baker Brian McAlister will teach you the skills you need to be a confident baker of delicious sourdough breads. 

Brian guides you through making your own starter from flours and fruits. You learn how to feed and maintain your starter, how to make and tend to your doughs, and how to shape your loaves. Finally you learn how to bake your beauties in a home oven to achieve optimal results.

Each class involves making, shaping and baking dough into different types of breads, ensuring that you get repeated practice and maximum confidence to continue baking your sourdough at home.

Wednesdays 24 & 31 July and 7 August, 6.30-8.30 pm, $270 the series, including antipasto and wine on arrival and lots of take-home bread!  

Foodish is running its kids' holiday cooking program during the Winter holidays.

We have a variety of themes you can choose from - Christmas in July, Italian and Japanese.

During the day at Foodish, the kids will:

  • go on a tour of the Belconnen Fresh Food Markets to source key ingredients
  • set up their own cooking stations at the beginning of cooking and clean up at the end
  • have morning and afternoon tea
  • cook and eat a delicious meal that they can then cook at home (with varying levels of supervision)
  • play games about food 

The classes are well supervised by experienced educators and take place in the Foodish Kitchen at the Belconnen Fresh Food Markets.

Each class is $140 per child. 

Thursday 11 July - Italian

Wednesday 17 July - Japanese

Friday 19 July - Christmas in July